Grow a global mindset

Many, if not most of us, work and live in globally interconnected ways. Our businesses employ diverse people, often from different locations and cultures. We manage and lead teams across borders and frequently have team members who do not share the same office, country or time zone. Political, institutional, legal and economic differences between countries […]

Learning from our mistakes

In the wake of the debacle regarding the mistaken announcement of Best Film at the Oscars, I could not help but reflect on our tendency to catastrophise mistakes. We purport to learn from mistakes and not to make the same mistake twice. At the same time we point fingers with impunity and demand that heads […]

Listening for perspective

  Our November article about perspective reminded me of Maestro: A Surprising Story About Leading by Listening, the excellent book published in 2009 by Roger Nierenberg, the widely acclaimed international conductor from New York. There are many important leadership lessons in this book, not least the importance of listening. As a conductor, Nierenberg’s explanation of […]


Waiting in a client’s meeting room, I looked out the window at the London skyline and thought how what I saw could be a metaphor for coaching. The nature of my work means I travel all over London, and see the skyline from different perspectives. The familiar city looks very different from different vantage points. […]

Lessons from the top – observations from coaching

In this article, I reflect on my observations and experience in working with senior executives on the themes that recur with some regularity. I have worked with more than 230 Executives for a total of more than 2,000 hours over 14 years as a coach and more than 30 years in various corporate change related […]