Putting the accelerator into growth of a law practice

Following their annual appraisal process, the Managing Partner of a market leading specialist law practice decided it was time to ‘lift the bar’ in terms of the speed at which his business was growing. Rejecting other more traditional approaches he decided to introduce coaching as the catalyst for this challenge. He offered focused coaching to […]

Creating a Coaching Culture

This market leader in pharmaceutical research and manufacture, invested in training some of their managers to act as internal coaches and to support a shift towards a coaching culture in the business. All the managers completed their coach training with an academic institution, but felt insufficiently confident and prepared to coach in the business. The […]

Navigating politics

Beatrice has just been promoted to her first Board role and finding the experience rather unnerving. Politics, relationships and managing through others not geographically in the same office are all unexpected consequences. Download full Case Study

Strategic leadership

Derek is a senior executive leading the global roll-out of a new strategy resulting in £millions of cost savings and improved service. His driving and pace setting approach has served him well to date and has indeed secured the promotion to this very visible and business critical role. This approach is however too tactical for […]

Leadership Team Development

Harry is the CEO of a group of companies, one of which was performing well, one was just about meeting targets and one was showing signs of failing. He felt the Leadership team was not working efficiently together well to lead the company and turn around the areas that were struggling. He was also concerned […]