Lessons from the top – observations from coaching

In this article, I reflect on my observations and experience in working with senior executives on the themes that recur with some regularity. I have worked with more than 230 Executives for a total of more than 2,000 hours over 14 years as a coach and more than 30 years in various corporate change related roles. My colleagues and clients in the UK, Europe, Asia and in the USA, Southern Africa, Australia, New Zealand across have taught me much about how businesses large and small, locally and globally, work. They have shared their experience, worries, uncertainties, glory, dedication and learning with me. I of course have not been immune to all these experiences myself as I made my way in the corporate and entrepreneurial world. This patchwork of experience has provided an understanding of global business environments, cultures and the challenges leaders face. It has also taught me much about what it takes to succeed in big business and as an entrepreneur. I will focus on six key observations and share some of the choices my clients, colleagues, and I have myself made. It is a reflection on a personal journey as much as on what I have observed.

I shall describe the key themes first, and offer some ideas for how clients have chosen to deal with that particular challenge effectively. Maybe you will identify with a sentence or two and maybe you will be thinking: “so what do I do about that?”

I have to declare though, at the outset, that as much as we would like to think we are all unique, the human condition has a way of also rendering us similar in many ways.

We are sometimes our worst enemies – and can even subconsciously sabotage ourselves at worst, or not put ourselves in the strongest possible position at best. Let me tell you how I come to this conclusion: have a read of the themes and ideas in these examples below and see how many you associate with. These themes are some for the most common things that get in the way of us performing as well as we can and even might, despite “knowing our stuff”…


Author: Annelie Green


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Coaching at the top – lessons from fellow Executives