We have been providing Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Professional Consulting services to some of the most eminent business leaders in the UK, Europe, and across the world since 2007.

Our coaching, mentoring and consulting services span a range of industries and concentrate on C-Suite and senior management roles. We help business leaders develop their leadership and their teams, advise on routes to overcome specific business challenges, and provide the understanding, tools and thinking space to enable improved personal and business performance.

The coaching gave me valuable space away from day to day client work in which to focus clearly on my business plan for the short, medium and long terms and how I could put it into practice.

Partner, fast growing Law Firm

Thanks for challenging throughout the programme and making me “think about the difficult questions”, it has been an interesting journey – and a very useful and rewarding one.

CFO, Telecoms, FTSE 100

Annelie has worked closely with the team at Eversholt since 2008. She has been an invaluable partner helping me to steer the business through massive cultural change and two changes in ownership. Annelie has been an important part of the Eversholt story and someone we will always keep on speed dial for when we need a fresh perspective.

Mary Kenny, CEO Eversholt RailAsset Management

It is rare in our busy lives that one has the opportunity to do nothing but reflect on your business, your role in that business and what steps you can take to improve. The coaching I took part in not only provided that opportunity but helped me achieve more than I would have by myself.

COO, Public Services

I found my coaching sessions with Annelie extremely valuable and consider them to be an important part of my subsequent career progression. She helped me work on many topics including personal impact, political awareness and time management, and I often reflect back on our conversations when dealing with current challenges. Most of all, Annelie was a pleasure to work with – her warm and encouraging manner meant I was comfortable with her from the very beginning of our relationship. I’d recommend her very highly to anyone looking for a supportive and insightful coach!

Group Director, Operations. Retail banking

Spending time understanding my own fears and motivations is an essential part of getting the best out of myself and other people.  Doing that with a guide as patient and supportive as Annelie can make the rockiest and steepest of roads feel like a walk in the park.  Wish we could scale this kind of support up to a societal and national level – as focusing on outcomes delivers so much more happiness and performance than focusing on grievances and problems

COOMarket Research

We help our clients
to think through questions such as…

“Who am I as a Leader?
Is this what I want to be remembered for?”

“How can I improve the performance of my Board?”

“ How can I energise my team to work better together and make the changes to improve our business performance?”

Lord Tom Sawyer

Lord Tom Sawyer

Honorary Chairman

Lord Tom Sawyer, Life Peer and Chancellor of the University of Teesside and Executive Coach, is our Honorary Chairman.

Annelie Green

Annelie Green

Managing Partner, Executive Coach, Mentor & Consultant

Annelie brings more than 30 years of international business experience to her work, which provides a deep understanding of complex global business environments, cultures and the challenges leaders face.

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Jeremy Hamer

Jeremy Hamer

Partner, Executive Coach, Mentor

A qualified Executive Coach, Chartered Accountant and plural Non-executive Director working with senior management, directors and Chief Executives to improve business performance.

We work with a select group of very experienced senior coaches when the assignment calls for a larger team or one of our partners is not the right coach for you. We will always provide you with a choice of two coaches who match your requirements closely so you can choose who you work with.


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Areas of expertise:

  • Effective leadership
  • Global leadership
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Leading high performing teams
  • Strategic relationships
  • Change and transition
  • Board appointment
  • Career advancement
  • Board performance
  • Personal performance
  • Talent management and advancement

We are experienced in the following industries

  • IT and software services
  • Manufacturing
  • Asset management
  • Public Services
  • Marketing
  • Professional Services
  • Transport
  • Automotive services
  • Bio-sciences
  • Education
  • Legal
  • Accountancy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Banking
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications

Supporting your goals to achieve the results you want for yourself,
your team and your business

Executive Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting.

Fully designed and tailored to your needs.

We bring all our international business and coaching experience to our relationship

Everything we do is fully bespoke and flexible to meet your circumstances

Our approach is wholly centred around your needs, not our own agendas

We are members of professional coaching bodies and adhere to their codes of practise and ethics

We ensure the quality of our work through our own continuous professional development and supervision

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