Privacy Policy


Confidentiality and transparency are at the heart of our relationship. Our contract with you also covers how we treat any information and data we hold on you. In order to ensure we comply with the Data Protection laws, and would like to tell you about how we process your data.

All our conversations, the information we share and records kept are totally confidential and will not be disclosed to any person without your consent. We only use your data as necessary to carry out the performance of our work with you, and where processing is necessary in order for us to comply with a legal requirement.

What we keep and what we do with it

  1. Your contact details (name, email, phone number, job title) are kept on our central database and used for billing purposes, scheduling our meetings and sending you a Christmas card (and you can choose to opt out at any point)

  2. Our coaches are members of professional bodies and are required to keep a record of the number of hours and individuals coached every year. Your name and company name are kept on the log indefinitely. This is only ever seen by the professional standards committee of the professional body to ensure the coach’s on-going suitability for professional registration. If your contact details are required we will get in touch with you before we disclose anything to obtain your consent

  3. We keep notes of our conversations to refer to during our sessions. This may include notes we make after the meeting to ensure we can provide our service to you, and may be held on paper and/or electronically. Notes are fully anonimysed and electronically filed in a secure cloud file

  4. Letting you know about coaching or related services we offer to you, or inviting you to events (and you can choose to opt out of receiving this at any point)

  5. All our coaches receive supervision and may refer to you anonymously. The supervision relationship is itself a confidential relationship and bound by the same Data Protection

  6. Our partners and associates keep your data individually. We only share your contact details and initial brief with the associate or partner delivering the coaching. We each keep the coaching notes arising from the sessions, and any psychometric data, privately and do not share this confidential information with each other. Your data may be held in paper format and/or electronically by your coach

  7. All session notes are kept for a period of one year from the date of completion our work together, where after it is electronically archived. After 5 years the archive is destroyed. You can request a copy of your data within the boundaries set by legislation.

We will not sell or share your information with anyone or any organisation for any purpose other than described above

Service Providers

We use third party service providers to do psychometric profiling where this is part of our service to you. We will provide your name and email address to these providers only for the purpose of enabling the service. Some of these providers are outside the United Kingdom, and we endeavour to ensure they comply with the relevant data protection legislation. They generally require you to set up a personal log-in with password to access the service and to keep your data secure

Legal requirement

We may disclose personal data when required by law and in accordance with our professional registration. The conditions where we cannot maintain confidentiality are where we become aware of illegal activity, or where there is a danger to self or others. You can read about the Code of Conduct we adhere to on

Keeping in touch

You can keep in touch with us via your coach, and by letting us know when your contact details change. Please mail us with your new details on